Open letter to the FCC: hate speech

Dear FCC:

There is a lot of hate speech in the media. The liberal, progressive and leftist media of all forms continues to spew hate, bigotry and ignorance towards patriotic and freedom-loving Americans. Part of their strategy is to accused the patriots of what they are guilty of: “hate speech”.

A simple comparison of videos of Tea Party activities and leftist activities show the Tea Party to be peaceful, middle-of-the-road, everyday people. Yet the videos of the left nearly show incitement to riot. The ignorance includes unfounded statements, that they hope will be taken as truth, simply because they are repeated often enough.

It is clear that the leftist efforts described above do not express the majority view. All of the polls show that on every issue they are in the minority, or even in the small minority.

Thus if you are going to respond to the recent requests to “investigate hate speech”, I urge you to be fair and unbiased in your examination. Please review the leftist mainstream media too.

I sent the above letter to the FCC commissioners today, and to their general email address. Those addresses are as follows:

Chairman Julius Genachowski:
Commissioner Michael J. Copps:
Commissioner Robert McDowell:
Commissioner Mignon Clyburn:
Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker:
General email:

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