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Mar 11 16

“Email was not marked classified — and Monica Lewinsky was not marked as a bimbo.”

by Jeffrey Simon

“The email was not marked classified. And Monica Lewinsky was not marked as a bimbo.”

Nov 5 15

Separation of Church and State means no enforced government Liberalism

by Jeffrey Simon

Let’s really have separation of Church and State in the sense this is really meant: that government should not establish and enforce a religion on the populace. No State Religion.

That means you cannot have government enforcement of the religion of Liberalism, with its various sects of environmentalism, feminism, and humanism. And its other names of Socialism and Progressivism.

But those are not religions you say? But faith is the acceptance of beliefs that cannot be proven rationally, and the deliberate suspension of critical thinking. All of the above “isms” are such. The values and benefits of them all must be taken on faith, in spite of the proven fact that they have never worked before. Because “it will be different this time”. And more importantly, because “we have never been in charge of it before” which is what is really meant when they say “it has not really been tried before”.

Totalitarianism has been tried before, and it has never worked. And all massive government and diminished citizenry is totalitarianism.

I for one am tired of Left and Right fighting over who gets to be in charge of the State Religion. Enough!

Aug 28 15

Open letter to NRSC and NRCC

by Jeffrey Simon

Take me off your list. I am ANGRY at national Republicans like Pelosi and Reid, oops I mean Boehner and McConnell now that they have changed their names to fool the rank and file.

No more support for Democrats such as NRSC and NRCC — you liars and deceivers. You will never keep your promises.


Aug 21 15

Forecasted Fetacide

by Jeffrey Simon

Planned Parenthood is not about parenthood. Studies show 94% of pregnant women entering their doors get an abortion.

They should really be called “Forecasted Fetacide”.

Aug 18 15

A lion is just tissue

by Jeffrey Simon

Tell a liberal, a “lion is just tissue”. Any argument they make can then be applied to a human fetus. If they come up with an argument that cannot be countered, then think on it and there will be a way to counter it.

Jul 17 15

Islamist children taught hate and violence?

by Jeffrey Simon

I saw a new story saying Islamist children are being taught hate and violence. Would we say that the US Army troops in World Wars were taught hate an violence?

The truth of the matter is the Islamist extremists are at war. They are only doing what is right for a country at war. The sooner we get a grip on that and realize that we are at war, and that political correctness is just a losing strategy.


Jul 17 15

The Leftist solution: declare a “free” zone

by Jeffrey Simon

According to the left, we could solve our problem by declaring a “free” zone”.

  • Gun-free zones to get rid of gun violence
  • Drug-free zones to get rid of illegal drugs
  • Crime-free zones to get rid of crime?
  • How about making Ukraine a “war-free” zone – hey, that’s what Obama tried when he said “modern countries don’t invade other countries”. Thus he defines his own reality.

All we have to do is declare a “free” zone, and problem solved.

Back to reality. It is time that the proponents of gun-free zones realize that they are just opening up society to danger with their policies, and the the most heavily legally-armed sectors of America are the ones that are the most crime- free.

What we have in fact is a “reality-free” zone.

May 14 15

Reactionary liberalism

by Jeffrey Simon

From what they say, you would think liberals are progressive and forward thinking. You would be wrong.

Take Google. If liberal principals would be applied, when you went to search for something on the web, all websites would be “equal”, and have an equal chance of showing up. There would be no more ranking of the most relevant search results.

Take shopping. All vendors and all products should be “equal”. No more ability to choose freely the best use of your resources, because all efforts of producers should be equally rewarded.

Take evolution. There is no more “survival of the fittest”. All snail darters and delta smelt must be preserved; we don’t want any changes or evolution. We want the way the world was “created” to remain the same. As an aside, where is the hue and cry to prevent the appearance of any new species? Got to stop that evolution too, don’t we?

Take education. We should not want our children to get the best education. All educational systems are equally good, and all students given an “equal” education as the teachers unions see fit. No more “elite private school” for anyone, even the limousine liberals.

You can create an example from every area of human endeavor. In the name of “fairness” and “equality”, we can have no more of such abilities to “make the best choice.” The all-knowing government, that has seen such successes in the people’s republics of the twentieth century show how this could work.

Oh, wait ….


May 6 15

Inconsistent: say word “bomb” going through ariport security verses terrorist threats

by Jeffrey Simon

How about this for inconsistency: just try saying the word “bomb” in an airport security line; do you think you will get any attention?

But then go on social media and make all kinds of terrorist threats. What kind of attention by law enforcement does that get?

Apr 24 15

Hillary Clinton’s Accomplishment While Secretary of State

by Jeffrey Simon

We now know Hillary Clinton’s accomplishment while Secretary of State: she amassed a multi-billion dollar fortune by taking bribes from enemy foreign countries and corporations.

Because she is a Clinton, that is perfectly acceptable. For others, would likely be treason.