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If you remove all ad hominem attacks from the comments of political blogs, you have very little of substance left. The Huffington Post is the best example.

Accusations of “liar” are empty without quoting the lie.

“Facts” which are false are only deception. The article and many of the posts on the political blogs seem to be of this nature. No proof; or “facts” which are not facts.

Fortunately, this time the American people see through the deception and will make their choice shortly.

  • “I want my free stuff.”
  • “Redistribute all that wealth to me.”
  • “Rent is too high, because rent should be free, as should food, clothing, medical care, and education.”

These are the rallying cries of those who would be serfs.

Socialism is great! Until you run out of other people’s money, as are France and Greece and the other “worker’s paradises.”

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