Politicians “for jobs” but a smaller private sector?

What does it mean when a politician says he is “for jobs”, but at the same time is for a smaller private sector?

Liberals are often exactly described as wanting a smaller private sector:

  • they want to raise taxes on wealth creators;
  • they want to regulate, regulate, regulate;
  • they want to create new entitlements and grow government;
  • they never saw a government program they did not like;
  • they never saw a “shovel-ready job” as anything but an opportunity to cash in on a crisis.

So if they are “for jobs” and for a “smaller private sector”, that must mean they want the government to be the provider of jobs instead of the private sector.

This scheme has already been tried. The Soviets, the Cubans, the North Koreans can tell you how well it works. As can the Greeks.

In reality, if you want to be “for jobs”, you have to be for expanding the private sector (and thereby reducing the public sector).

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