Prediction: Dems will take credit for improvements to economy made by Repubs return to sanity

Now that the Republicans will be able return the government to sanity, I would expect some economic improvement, as optimism returns.

This is not to say that there are not huge disruptions that have yet to be cured through more pain. The huge borrowing and spending will take a while to absorb, and in fact may only be solved by a hyperinflation. The consequences of hyperinflation of course will be extremely painful to everyone, and cause the collapse of our living standard and way of life. Whether the hyperinflation can be avoided is another subject.

My point here is that with the roll back of the most egregious measures of insanity (bailouts, take overs, and controls to name a few, along with the tax increase and Obamacare), a measure of optimism will return in the short run. If this roll back causes the economy to recover some before the ultimate reckoning, mark my words: the Democrats will take credit, saying “see, you just needed to be patient for the miracles of Obama’s agenda to work!”

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