Presidency is too big for one man?

John Steward said on Bill O’Reilly on May 16, 2011 that “the Presidency is too big for one man.”

No, John, the Presidency as Constitutionally defined is not too big. Just that under Obama the Presidency has been allowed to usurp the role of the legislature. The creation of a “czar” implies the taking of legislative power and appropriating it to the executive branch.

It has gotten so that if the President cannot get what he wants from Congress, he just goes around Congress by creating a new czar, with a new budget, new staff, new regulations in a continuous quest to ever enlarge government to the greatest size imaginable.

The Obama machine has never seen a crisis or a problem that it did not like, because anything that is a problem then becomes a means to the sole end of the Liberal: taking power.

Tea-Party Conservatives are truly those who want the power to go back to the people; Liberals only want to concentrate power in the government elite.

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