Pro-regulation anti-free market “Conservatives”

At the present time it appears that the Heritage Foundation and Cato Institute are receiving “back-door” financial support from anti-copyright interests. It appears to be having an effect, and is leading towards pulling so-called “anti-regulation, free-market conservatives” into the pro music business regulation camp.

The whole problem with the term “conservative” is that it doesn’t really mean anything. Technically, it should mean “preserve the status quo”, whereas what I and others would like it to mean is “smaller government, less regulation, free-market, etc, etc”. But it doesn’t really mean that. As a result you can then have “social conservative”, which usually is a government interventionist view, and is an inherent contradiction.

Those “conservative republicans” aligning with regulation and non-freedom are like Bush, an embarrassment. There is a huge split in the Republican side in my opinion, with the “establishment” and national leadership abandoning the grassroots, which in my experience is overwhelmingly closer to my views.

“Anti-regulation, free-market conservatives” lining up for regulation. Odd bedfellows, indeed.

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