The outrage of the left about “profiling” of illegal immigrants is constant. But who are the real profilers?

The President and his administration have for years been profiling conservatives and exercising “unequal protection of the law”. Talk about discrimination? Conservatives are discriminated against everywhere. They are shouted down in the marketplace of ideas, on college campuses and in the media.

You really have to be brave to stand up for what you believe in Amercia nowadays. We have become very much less a free society. At every hand liberties guaranteed by the Constitution have already vanished, having been replaced by “a fundamental transformation of America”.

Freedom of religion? – Not under Obamacare. And not when states have redefined marriage.

Freedom of speech? – Try having a freedom rally at a college campus.

Freedom of the press? – Not under the Department of Justice.

Freedom to bear arms? – Slowly ebbing away.

Freedom of the states to government in matters not relegated to the Federal level? – Ask Arizona what it thinks about lots of matters not given to the Federal Government.

We are now faced with likely our last, best chance to reverse the tide. I hope we have the backbone.

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