The Progressive Myth – they really want to go backwards

“Progressive” implies moving forward. But let’s take a look at what progressivism now means:

  1. They want a 150 year-old educational system that has the goal of producing assembly-line manufacturing workers. Desks are in neat rows, bells ring for “punching in and out” of classes, attendance and tardiness are monitored, and on and on. These are not the characteristics needed for success and have not been for 50 years. Those assembly line jobs are not the norm.
  2. They want to replace a free society with a 100-year old totalitarian system that was tried by the Soviet Union, and has failed every place it has been tried.
  3. They want a 80 year-old Social Security system, where the life expectancy was 67 years old. You retired, and died. This pattern is no longer the norm, and the system we have set up does not deal with modern realities.
  4. They want a 50-year old Medical Insurance system, that obviously does not meet our current needs. Why is competition across state lines prohibited? Why is there no tort reform?

Progressives are supposed to be tolerant, accepting, diverse and in favor of civil liberties. In fact, they only apply these objectives to themselves. If you are not a progressive, you are to be vilified, destroyed, and have your rights taken from you, as is easily seen in progressive and government actions towards people who are not part of their elite. Progressives are the new “haters”.

How about civil rights for everybody, not just for progressives?

(This post inspired by a talk by Jack Tomczak and Ben Kruse, of  Up and At’Em, heard daily on Twin Cites News Talk 1130AM from 6 – 9am weekday mornings.)


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