Putin snub should make Obama happy

The┬áPutin snub should make Obama happy — because it means his policies are working.

Obama’s policies are obviously to turn the US into a second-rate power. Nearly everything he does is oriented towards knocking America down. Whether it is groveling before other heads of state, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and other enemies, belittling and embarrassing our friends, or destroying the US economy, it is all part of his grand strategy to knock us down.

Even worse are the recent treaties of surrender and destruction: the Law of the Sea, the International Criminal Court, Small Arms Control, Outer Space Code of Conduct, and Rights of the Child. Each of these surrenders more of what we have always known as the American identity. I will be writing more on these in an upcoming post.

So the Putin snub is just the beginning of something we need to get used to, as long as those policies of the Obama administration are allowed to move forward.

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