Reactionary liberalism

From what they say, you would think liberals are progressive and forward thinking. You would be wrong.

Take Google. If liberal principals would be applied, when you went to search for something on the web, all websites would be “equal”, and have an equal chance of showing up. There would be no more ranking of the most relevant search results.

Take shopping. All vendors and all products should be “equal”. No more ability to choose freely the best use of your resources, because all efforts of producers should be equally rewarded.

Take evolution. There is no more “survival of the fittest”. All snail darters and delta smelt must be preserved; we don’t want any changes or evolution. We want the way the world was “created” to remain the same. As an aside, where is the hue and cry to prevent the appearance of any new species? Got to stop that evolution too, don’t we?

Take education. We should not want our children to get the best education. All educational systems are equally good, and all students given an “equal” education as the teachers unions see fit. No more “elite private school” for anyone, even the limousine liberals.

You can create an example from every area of human endeavor. In the name of “fairness” and “equality”, we can have no more of such abilities to “make the best choice.” The all-knowing government, that has seen such successes in the people’s republics of the twentieth century show how this could work.

Oh, wait ….


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