Right to Choose

The “Right to Choose” is yet another appeal to moral high ground used by the left to advance its agenda. It is another case of picking a popular cause, but without really believing in the principle, but just as a means of manipulating and exploiting the gullible.

Take “a woman’s right to choose.” This is supposed to imply principles of freedom and liberty, and to gain support for the cause by exploiting the natural American tendency to support freedom and liberty.

But the use of this slogan is a deceit, as the left has no intention of increasing freedom and liberty. Its very bedrock is to oppose freedom and liberty, and replace them with “fairness and equality”. (Naturally you could extend this argument even to “fairness” and “equality” and make the point that these are in fact yet other appeals to principles where they do not believe in those principles either.)

The left wants power. End of story. All they want is to control you. They will use any means, and any “useful idiot” who can be seduced by the apparent appeal to the higher moral ground.

If “a woman’s right to choose” were actually based upon freedom and liberty, then the proponents of this tactic should also support “right to choose” elsewhere. But just take a look: they oppose the right to choose in most other contexts:

  • right to work – they oppose right to choose union membership
  • right to choose education – they oppose right to choose by parents by unfairly favoring government schools via tax support
  • right to choose one’s own health care – does “mandate” mean anything about a right to choose
In fact, much government regulation is simply yet another mandate which removes some right to choose. Is there any government regulation approved by the left? You bet.
How about “my right to your money?” Seems like a “right to choose” for the beneficiaries, but rights stop at the boundaries of another’s rights, and confiscating my labor as it is reflected in my property is not a right to choose.

Any tine your hear the “right to choose” argument, ask if they also support (1) right to work; (2) school choice; (3) health care free of government mandates.

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