Sad truth about politics in the 21st century

It is said the “right before might” and “truth defeats error”. Well, we are seeing that the low-information voter has upset this natural order.

In the current US political scene, it appears that while truth may still trump error, “organization” trumps truth. The community organizers of the nation have found what works, and they have an 80-year head start doing it.

If the forces of freedom want back in the game, they have to get organized. I am seeing signs of that in some areas, but the long game is what is needed.

It is ironic that “rugged individualism”, a cornerstone of liberty and the freedom to be left alone, is just not the natural setting for “organization”. While on the other hand, “organization” has too-often been associated with mobs, thuggery, violence, and coercion.

The forces of freedom have to figure out the “liberty way to organize”.

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