Trickle down economics does work!

A mantra of the liberal is “trickle down does not work”, “trickle down does not”, “trickle down does not work” – as if constant repetition makes it true.

Trickle down does work. Look at the poor in the US:

  • they have cars, sometime two
  • they have air conditioning
  • they have microwaves
  • they have TVs, cell phones and computers
  • and most astounding of all, they have more living space than middle income Europeans.

And on and on. These facts are documented. See my post Poverty Has Been Eliminated in the United States.

The real poor are in the less developed countries. The “poor” of America are in fact rich in comparison. Why is this? Because a rising tide raises all boats, trickle down does work, and supply side is the truth of economics.

Any argument to the contrary does not have facts, just repetition of the talking point that “trickle down does not work.”

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