Truth verses Ideology

Once again we see the left will say anything to advance their cause. The most recent example is the flat-out denial by Obama, Biden, and Secretary Clinton, that “waterboarding does not work.”

Why do they say anything regardless of any facts? It is because they are at war with the American system, and that “all is fair in war.” So they will engage in every form of ad hominem attack, every form of denial of facts as long as it serves their war.

Why are they at war? Because they have an unbounded faith that only by destroying the present system can some fantasy paradise of social justice and equal result for all be the final outcome.

Never mind that nowhere and  at no time has such as fantasy ever shown even a shred of evidence in its favor. And the our system in truth has created the greatest social justice and highest welfare of mankind. Only by looking at the true facts and ignoring the demagoguery can this truth be understood.

Their faith is truly as Bill Maher put it, “purposeful suspension of critical thinking.”

All platitudes to the side, in truth the hard left has only pure lust for power. The hard left cares not one whit for the environment, jobs, health care, the “poor” or any of their stated goals. They only use these as a smokescreen to hide their only real goal: lust for power.

And why to I impute this rationale to the left? Because I am reading the words of Saul Alinksy in Rules for Radicals, where he lays out this theory as of being at war with a system that must be destroyed at any cost. And Saul Alinksy’s book is the bible of the community organizer, including Obama.

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