Two words for Wisconsin voters: Recall Election

Now the true colors of the labor union come out: take by force whatever they can. Two words for Wisconsin voters: Recall Election!

The union movement was started to end exploitation by too powerful employers. After three-quarters of a century the pendulum has swung far to the opposite extreme, where the unions are the too powerful exploiters of the taxpayers.

Where is the fairness in $52,000 annual salary of state workers compared to $38,000 in the private sector?

The rallying cry of “fairness” exposes the unions — they and the entire left have never been for fairness. Just “fairness” as an excuse for a power grab. As with feminine rights, minority rights, environmental rights, health care rights, economics rights, and on and on. Just an excuse for a power grab.

As in the past “power to the people” means “power to the people who say power to the people.”

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