Upcoming Election – extremely clear

In past elections, many people have said “I cannot tell the difference between the parties.” In some cases, this means they did not vote.

The choices of the upcoming election are incredibly clear. Don’t complain that the country is polarized — celebrate it!

The conservative choice is for its natural goals:

  • limited government
  • free enterprise
  • individual responsibility
  • law and order

However last week Michele Bachmann gives us interesting tactics to further those goals:

  • investigating the administration for their mischief
  • repealing Obamacare
  • restoring the free markets
  • making sure we stop the spending spree.

On the other hand, the liberal choice is

  • more corrupt, Chicago-style, big-machine government
  • government takeover of health care, energy, education, finance, virtually the whole economy
  • government deciding winners and losers
  • redistribution of wealth
  • infinite spending because the money is “free”

Choose your life!

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