Want Income Equality? Fix the lottery.

The most worst example of income inequality is the lottery. Why don’t those who want income equality fix that one?

Look at how unfair the lottery is! Millions play, but only one wins. If they really wanted income equality, they would push to fix that. Here is how it would work:

  1. Everyone buys a ticket.
  2. Everyone wins equally.
  3. So for example, you buy a ticket for $1, you get a guaranteed win of 40 cents.
  4. All the “fairness lovers” are overjoyed.
  5. In fact it is so wonderful that the government makes the lottery mandatory. That is, we have an individual mandate that everyone must buy a ticket every week or face penalties from the IRS.
  6. Because the government wins 60 cents for each ticket, the government really loves this form of taxation, which is no longer only an unfair “tax on those who are poor at math”, but fairly taxes everyone.

Thus income equality triumphs and the worst example of income inequality is gone.

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