War on ….?

The liberals have made up fake wars: war on women, war on poor, war on elderly, etc. All fake, and everybody knows it. But Obama has some real wars:

Obama has the following wars going at all times:

  • war on business (make it hard in every conceivable way to be successful)
  • war on jobs (by killing business, kill jobs)
  • war on economy (wasteful spending everywhere that sucks up all the resources)
  • war on energy (no drilling, no pipeline, no permits, carbon emissions)
  • war on American exceptionalism (yes, every country thinks it is exceptional, but only in America does the government derive its powers from the people, and not the other way around)
  • war on good character (with the liberal Alinsky-ites, any dirty trick is allowed; conservatives play fair)
  • real war on the poor (set up a permanent class structure of dependence that you can’t get out of)
  • war on free speech (shout down or intimidate anyone who disagrees)
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