White House says “no magic solution”

The White House says there is “no magic solution” to high gas prices. Of course when it is your aim to raise gas prices, any such solution would be counter to your main goals.

It is well-known that energy secretary has stated that gas prices must be much higher, in fact to align with European levels. And that part of the “green” movement is to make traditional energy sources more costly.

If they have no magic, let’s get someone in the White House who has the magic. Such “magic” as the following:

  • development of US onshore petroleum assets
  • development of US offshore petroleum assets
  • building the Keystone pipeline
  • building US refineries (Feds have not allowed a new significant refinery since 1977 in Garyville, Louisiana)
The Obama administration actually has no problems with drilling, as long as it is done by other countries. What’s the difference  with the drilling by other countries? Have they solved the environmental issues? Far from it. It just does not hurt the narrative of demonizing US productivity.
Let’s get a Conservative into the White House, and just watch all the “magic solutions” in short order.
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