Why bother with Congress? King Barack has made it null and void

Why bother with Congress? King Barack has made it null and void. Recent executive orders have shown we no longer need Congress.

The legislative branch is now only a song and dance. Why should we continue the charade? We don’t need it anymore. Whatever the King (… oops, President) wants can simply be enacted by executive fiat.

For example, take two major legislative efforts of King Barack’s agenda: amnesty for illegal aliens and cap and trade. Both were soundly defeated while we had a Democrat Congress. But not to worry, because Congress is superfluous and irrelevant. All we need is an executive order to enact them, as has just effectively been done.

Since the executive branch can now enforce whatever regulations it wants, even measures specifically not enacted by the King’s own party, we should face reality and disband Congress entirely. It no longer matters. Whether Democrat-controlled or Republican-controlled; it is just a relic of that other relic, the Constitution.

Why don’t we all contact our elected representatives and ask them to resign, as they deserve a respite from the spotlight on them, which only results in an ever-falling approval rating.

I remember some who said after Obama was elected that “dictatorial power” should be granted to the President. This debate appears to be over, as he has simply appropriated such power.

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