Why I oppose the ground-zero mosque.

The ground-zero mosque is not an implement of religion; it is an implement of cultural warfare. If you are in favor of the ground-zero mosque, let me ask you some questions:

  1. Are you a criminal?
  2. If no, do you believe that there are criminals in the world?
These first two questions simply create a “straw man” that serves to illustrate the fact that whatever you consider to define your beliefs and morals, there are others in the world who do not share them.
  1. Do you personally wish to dominate, enslave and eradicate other cultures?
  2. Do you know that there are elements of radical Islam that have this aim?

It is well-established that radical Islam as exemplified by the Moslem Brotherhood does have the goal of world domination. In more blunt terms, they wish to kill or enslave Westerners.

As part of the radical Islamic method of world domination, such radicals and those supporting their views always seek to build a Mosque upon any site of their cultural victory. For examples, the Dome of the Rock on the Jewish Temple Mount and the conversion of the Byzantine church Hagia Sofia in Istanbul.

I therefore oppose the so-called ground-zero mosque because it represents cultural warfare. The ground-zero site is essential to this cultural warfare. If it were simply a religious instrument, what does it matter where it is located? Where is it important for religion apart from cultural warfare to select a site that celebrates victory over one’s cultural targets of domination? The ground-zero site for a mosque is no more and no less than cultural warfare.

If the ground-zero mosque is built, it will forever be a symbol in the Islamic world of their victory over the West.

Having said the above, I would nevertheless be willing to have the ground-zero Mosque built, if a major Christian church along with a major Jewish¬†synagogue¬†were built adjacent to the Great Mosque in Mecca, and these facilities were permitted to flourish in perpetuity as places of “reconciliation of world religions and cultures.”

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