Why shootings at schools and theaters? Don’t they know they are gun-free zones?

School, movie theater shootings not the problem — just that the criminals are too dumb to know that they are gun-free zones.

Extending the premise of “gun-free zones” leads to the following:

  1. Declare airports and flights “terrorism-free” zones. No more need for TSA.
  2. Declare all US embassies “terrorism-free” zones. No more hostages.
  3. Declare the Middle East a “war-free zone”. No more need for peace talks.
  4. Declare all public places “drug-free zones”. War on drugs, 0ver.
  5. Declare all schools “bully-free zones”. No need for anti-bullying legislation.

Obviously, this is just the beginning. Why, with this line of thought, there is no problem too large to be solved by creating a “zone”. All problems then “zoned out”.

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