Your government monoply in action

I cringe whenever I have to go to the Post Office. I am insulted by the slovenly performance, obvious laziness, and likely union featherbedding of the place. It drives me nuts.

Instead of as in the local Costco, where procedures are tuned for efficiency and workers are humming away with high productivity and positive attitudes, I see people who seem to be floating through the hours, trance-like, at least half asleep, or “chewing the fat,” and generally exhibiting what to me appears to be the model of union-style time wasting.

Today I was again assaulted by the outrageous dream state of workers probably paid more than many of the people they serve, while taking as long as humanly possible to do the simplest of clerical functions.

We need to privatize first-class mail, or at least open it up to competition. You will never get a well-functioning postal service under the union-controlled government monopoly presently in place.

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