Bigger Pie vs. Smaller Pie with more equal slices

A fundamental tenet of the radical left is redistribution of wealth. That is, carve up the pie so that the slices are more equal. The greater the equalization, the smaller the pie becomes, as only by punishing the creation of wealth can the slices be equalized.

There is a limit to equalization, because men are not equal. They don’t have equal desires to work, ability to succeed, and motivation to better themselves. As long as you have people who do not have equal motivations and talents, you can never have equal outcomes. You will in fact always have some who prefer to beg rather than contribute to society. The Freeloaders.

On the other hand, conservatives want to make the pie bigger. The phenomenal success of Western Civilization over the past 600 years at making the pie bigger cannot be disputed (although the class warfare of the left would attempt to deny it.) The rich are getting richer, but the poor are getting richer too, as I detailed in my post Poverty has been eliminated in the United States.

Conservatives thus want a climate favorable towards wealth creation to create the bigger pie; leftist don’t care about shrinking the pie. They want to galvanize support for their wealth redistribution so they can get to their ultimate goal of total power.

In fact the radical left is disingenuous about wealth redistribution, as they don’t even care about that. All they want is power, and “climate control”, “jobs”, “fairness”, “wealth redistribution”, “social safety net”, “family planning” are all smoke screens covering their single aim for “power at any cost.”

How do I know this? I have read Saul Alinsky.

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