Obama loves America

Obama loves America. It is true! But what is “America” that he loves? In fact it is a fictional ideal where there is “social justice.” But what is “social justice?”

In the modern liberal philosophy, “social justice” has become a euphemism for “equal results for all.” But how can that possibly be fair? How can you have equal results when you don’t have an equal work ethic, equal talents and skills, equal willingness to improve one’s place? You cannot.

It is patently unfair to have class warfare where the class that creates wealth has that wealth confiscated to provide a safety net for those do not and will not contribute. Please note: this is vastly different from providing a safety net for those who deserve the compassion and assistance of those better off.

Liberals claim the high ground of compassion. Yet it is a proven fact that charity is vastly higher from conservatives than from liberals. Liberals need to recognize this fact before making claims about who has the moral high ground.

So what is the America that Obama loves? It is a fantasy world in which the theory “from each according to his abilities to each according to his needs” drives confiscation of the produce of those who create on behalf of those who consume without creating. He loves an America that is “fundamentally changed” into this “paradise of equal results.”

However, I submit he does not love the America that was and is. The America that has created the highest living standard in the world, where even those below the poverty line have cars, air conditioners, color TVs and cell phones. He does not love it because this America that was and is has flaws. And because it has flaws, he wants to fundamentally change our society to a supposed “ideal” which whenever and wherever attempted in fact morphs into its opposite: an oppressive totalitarianism rather than the supposed ideal.

Yet there is the ultimate faith of Obama and the liberals that “big government is the solution if only it can be done right.” That is the America that Obama loves; an America that cannot be because it goes against human nature. Because of human nature, “the poor you will always have with you,” until human nature is changed so that there is equality in talent and motivation. Thus the “fundamental change” can never result in the alleged goals, until you have those equalities.

All you need to do is look at some authentically produced movie from the middle ages to see that the living standards with respect to food, clothing and shelter give even today’s poor in America a higher living standard than the royalty of years past. So the America that was and is does succeed in raising the welfare of all as “the rising tide truly does lift all boats.”

Yet Obama loves the ideal of some impossible society rather than loving the real America with its potential for exceptional greatness.

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