Hate and Vitriol of the Right

I have long wondered what the liberals mean when they spew hate about the “hate and vitriol” of Conservatives.

I have finally figured it out: any Conservative statement for such demagogues is hatred and racism.

For example, any talk about the following:

  • limited government
  • fiscal responsibility
  • low taxes
  • individual responsibility
  • strong national defense

In other words, the basic tenets of Conservatism. That is what the real hate mongers call hate speech. How comical! Just listen to how angry and hateful they are!

Have you ever listened to Keith Olbermann? If you want to see anger, hatred, and vitrol, check him out.

On the other hand, the hate-mongers on the left never listen to any of the prominent voices of Conservatism that they criticize. If they did, they were surely find no such hatred. I have many times asked for any example from those who try to make that argument, and they never have any specifics, other than yet more ad hominem attacks.

Once someone gave an obscure reference about something of “Glenn Beck’s demagoguery” and after much checking I finally found the reference. It was in a comedy skit from many years ago.

Just like calling Sarah Palin stupid and then as proof quoting the famous remark from Tina Fey’s comedy.

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