Liberal Narcissism

The narcissist attributes all of his behavioral characteristics to everyone else. For example, if the narcissist is dishonest, he things everyone else is dishonest too.

Some Liberals are frequently such narcissists, because they are angry, hateful, and racist and therefore attribute those characteristics to their political opponents when there is no anger, hate, or racism in them.

Thousands upon thousands of times in the media leftist pundits have called their opponents “despicable” and worse. In addition, people I have talked with make the same claim. When I challenge them to give an example of such bad behavior, they are not able to. The reason they are not able is usually because “they don’t listen to them.”

Most oddly, they do not see the contradiction in their words. They make a potentially libelous¬† assertion not because they have any evidence, but merely because they are repeating talking points heard elsewhere, or are attempting to advance their preconceived, narcissist agenda. And that goes up the chain. Ask any of the pundits for an example and they will usually have no facts. Or the “facts” are the translations according to the “liberal code.” (See my previous post at Liberal Rhetoric Decoded.)

For example, a “fact” that according to such Liberal narcissist shows that Conservatives are “hateful, angry, bigots” is that they want lower taxes. They can be perfectly harmonious in their desire for lower taxes, not angry, hateful or racist at all. But the Liberal code book says that wanting lower taxes is a “hateful, angry, bigoted” emotional state.

Exactly like Pima County Sherrif Dupnik, who continues to insist the the Tucson Tragedy is a Conservative conspiracy in spite of the lack of any facts.

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