Liberals don’t understand economics

In today’s Huffington Post, RJ Eskow shows his ignorance of how economics works. He still thinks that the government creates jobs.

Our welfare state has created a situation where some are “pulling the wagon” and some are “riding in the wagon.” Any increase to wealth redistribution is simply putting more people in the wagon with less people to pull the wagon.

Tax breaks for the wealthy? We are rapidly getting to the point where the wealthy would be the only ones paying taxes. So of course tax breaks have to be for the wealthy.

Hey — why not just go all the way: no income taxes for the bottom 95%; all income taxes paid by the top 5%. This could be done simply by doubling the taxes paid by the top 5% as they are already paying over 50% of the taxes (closer to 60% actually). That way, the “tax eaters” in the wagon can vote their socialist government in forever, and those pulling the wagon will no longer have any say in government.

Do you think this would work?

It is what they are trying to do in Greece, Ireland, Spain and Portugal. And in California, Michigan, New York and others. Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?

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