Not a zero-sum game

Why do progressives and socialists continue to believe in the myth of the zero-sum game?

That is, for anyone to rise economically, it can only be on the back of the “oppressed.” It should be pretty clear that the miracle of economic opportunity that is the United States is based upon wealth creation. Wealth creation creates new wealth. It creates jobs, assets, improved standards of living. The poorest of the poor is better off than the “middle class” of hundreds of years ago, and of less-developed nations.

On the contrary, the theory of wealth redistribution thinks there is only a fixed amount of wealth, and the winners win at the expense of the losers.

So “tax breaks for the wealthy” are seen as evil, only because of the presumption of the zero-sum game.

Don’t they see that penalizing the wealth creators penalizes everyone?

When you hear “we cannot afford 700 billion dollars for tax cuts to the wealthy”, you are hearing from someone who has the zero-sum game at heart, and does not look at what happens when tax cuts are given. They say “look at the problems that were caused by previous tax cuts.”

In every case, previous tax cuts created more government revenue. There is no “700 billion deficit” from the tax cuts. If tax cuts are given to the wealthy, we are back on the road towards greater tax revenues.

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