The difference between “Republican lies” and “Democrat lies”

What is the difference between “Republican lies” and “Democrat lies”.

When a lefty accuses a Republican of lying, he cannot quote the lie.

When a righty accuses a Democrat of lying, he can quote the lie.

For example, I have already written at length about long lists of Obama’s lies. (See Debate Round One: the war of “specifics”). And other Democrats all the way down into my local precincts. There are even websites devoted to lists of such lies.

On the other side, how often have you heard “Romney lies”, “Ryan lies” and even “Fox New lies”. In fact the Democrats seem to have been reduced to a single campaign tactic at this point — accusing their opponent of lying.

But when you ask the lefty to quote a lie of either Fox News or of Romney or of nearly any Republican candidate, they without fail dodge the question. They have not once ever quoted what they mean. If they say anything more than vague generalities, it is typically some opinion or theory of the type that cannot be proven. Therefore they are not true or false, and therefore cannot be lies.

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