“Tax Cuts for the Rich” – another cynical leftist slogan

“Tax Cuts for the Rich”. Leftists don’t care a whit about fairness or government revenue. This slogan is simply another means to grab power.

If the left really cared about fairness, then they would see that the current situation in which 48% paying no taxes and the top 1% paying 40% of the taxes is already fair. Once Al Sharpton was tricked on this subject when he was asked how much of the tax the rich should pay. He said 15% would be fair. When he was informed they already pay 50%, he quickly changed the subject. This is an example of the lack of relevance of the “fairness” issue.

Regarding government revenue and the supposed “deficit” effect of tax cuts, it is very well proven that cutting the tax rates on the rich actually results in increasing how much tax revenue comes in from them, and that increasing tax rates reduces revenue. This has been proven after every major tax cut at both the Federal and State levels.

So if it is neither “fairness” or “revenue” that is the issue, what is it? I submit that “tax cuts for the rich” is a fantastically successful slogan which energizes those ignorant of the facts to support the leftist agenda.

“Tax cuts for the rich” is simply yet another means to power. And the radical left has as its real agenda one single focus: “power at all costs.”

Everything else is just a ploy to galvanize support to that single, all consuming goal.

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